Adam MarkoSpecial Providence

Adam is the drummer and motor of the modern instrumental band Special Providence which has become one of the most well-known and upcoming jazz-metal quartet in the eastern-central European progressive scene with their virtuoso, yet easily digestible style.

Having started playing drums at the age of four, Adam grew up in a musical family and graduated at the K?bánya Music Studio which is one of the biggest universities of jazz/rock music in Hungary whereby his band Special Providence were formed.

Having an approach, by putting music as a priority over virtosistic individualism, allows the band to represent a unique music, a mixture of the modern jazz, progressive-rock-metal, electronic styles in a new light.

Besides his own band, Adam is one of the best employed session drummers in Hungary able to take on various styles from hip-hop across pop to metal. The musical diversity and individuality in music are the two keystones in his playing and his music.