DJ BonebrakeX

DJ Bonebrake has been smashing the kit since the mid-1970’s. He’s most famous for his high-speed precision playing in the legendary punk band “X”, but over the last 30-plus years DJ has worked with hundreds of singers, songwriters and bands as both a live and session musician.

In Los Angeles, DJ has built a solid reputation in the music industry as the go-to guy when musicians and producers need a drummer who is dedicated, versatile, and efficient. DJ’s main band has remained “X” for over 35 years, but still can be seen playing, recording, and touring regularly with The Knitters, The Stripminers, and the Devil’s Brigade. Many of DJ’s fans are surprised to learn that DJ also plays jazz drums as well as vibraphone and marimba in Orchestra Superstring and his own Bonebrake Syncopaters.