Jack BenthamDarlia

"Rising Blackpool band spearheading the latest rock revival" - The Guardian

Darlia are a three-piece, capable of quiet-loud dynamics and with a singer whose voice goes from a husky whisper to a rasping roar. Because of this they're already receiving comparisons with Nirvana. Their debut EP ‘Knock, Knock” (produced by Cam Blackwood) was released in 2013 through Ignition Records and they have been described as "the most exciting new guitar band in the UK." by Nigel Harding, Radio One.

Their story goes right back to school. Nathan and drummer Jack Bentham used to play guitar and drums together as kids. When they got older, Nathan decided he wanted to take things more seriously and form a band because "no-one takes you seriously when you are a kid"

If the interest in them is anything to go by, they have a long future ahead of them.