Jack-Sutton BassettKing Creature

Jack has been been playing the drums since the age of 9 when he given a copy of Appetite for Destruction by Guns n Roses. He was absolutely blown away by Steven Adler?s drumming, and ever since that moment he's been hooked! He knew the only thing he wanted to do was to play drums in a killer rock band.

Jack plays drums in hard rock band King Creature, who have played with rock and metal heavy hitters such as Motörhead, Megadeth, Hellyeah, Down and others. King Creature are determined that the true spirit of rock and roll lives on, not just in music but also in the spirit of their performances and the way they live day to day.
Jack-Sutton Uses
Natal ?Original? series drums in Black Sparkle finish.
2 x 22? Kick Drums
1 x 10? Tom
1 x 12? Tom
1 x 13? Tom
1 x 16? Floor Tom
1 x 18? Floor Tom
1 x 14? Snare
Natal Pro series Hardware