Jamiel BlakeSam Smith

Coming from a Christian background, Jamiel first discovered his love of music and his gift of playing drums in his local church where he grew up.

It was there where he was exposed to amazing music that inspired him to invest in his gift. The church platform presented Jamiel with the opportunity to play for a plethora of gospel artists and allowed him to develop his understanding of music.

Known for his contagious personality, Jamiel recognizes that it is vital to enjoy being a musician. His personal standards are high and he always aims to go beyond his last accomplishment. Being known for his heavy back beat and feel towards music, Jamiel’s groove and feel is deep seated and comes directly from his heart.

Jamiel’s competence of playing a variety of different styles of music including Gospel, Rnb, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country and Pop music, has now enabled him to work and Tour with some of the world’s finest artists; Ashford & Simpson, Mica Paris, All Saints, Daley, Stephannie Mackay, Kelly Rowland, Emin, Yasmin, Alexis Jordan and Stooshe to name a few but it’s the gig with quadruple Grammy-winner Sam Smith that’s taken him to the next level in his career.