Josh MurphyLifetight

Armed with the Natal Arcadia Acrylic kit, Josh Murphy is the drummer in UK hardcore band Lifetight.

Formed in 2017, debut single 'Energy' was released in July 2017.

According to Josh, "I’ve been playing in bands since I started playing drums. I was fortunate enough to play some decent shows pretty early on too throughout my teens - packing out pubs & clubs I wasn’t old enough to be in with all of your school friends & family etc, old school rock & roll.
Had my first real touring band experiences as a founding member of Lock & Key. We toured the UK and the vast majority of mainland Europe, even headlining Lichtenstein's first ever heavy metal festival - it was insane. A majority of the tours were headline runs which was impressive off the back of an EP, followed by a full length album 'PEACELESS'. It was all very DIY and we seemed to be making our own movement within the hardcore scene.

After Lock & Key, I took everything I learnt from all those experiences and started LIFETIGHT - a heavily drum driven band, trying to spread a bit of PMA in this fast paced world. People have already taken a heavy interest and picked up the whole vibe of the band already. It feels great to still be willingly putting in an ever growing effort into music for so long and gradually have people recognise your work, no matter how big or small.

I also jam in a blues band & play drums for solo artist Conor O Rourke, it helps to keep the fun in it all!

In my own opinion I feel like Natal have come a long way from my first encounters with Natal kits quite a way back. One day I walked into my local music shop (PMT) and there was a Walnut Kit with Brushed Nickel Hardware sat on a podium - I ignored the whole shop and went on sat behind that. Ever since then I can’t help but notice how good the build quality is, how solid the hardware on all the drums are and then the variety of finishes came into play and that was the game changer for me. There’s A LOT of competition in manufacturing drums at the moment, but I really feel like Natal have hit the nail on the head in recent years, and I’m over the moon to be on board amongst some really prestigious Artists."