Marton VeressArmageddon

As a member of the metal band Armageddon, Marton Veress is known for his hard work, dedication and craft behind the drums - always looking to improve his technique and ability.

"Marton is an extremely talented musician who has dedicated himself to his craft, in the knowledge of drumming and the production process giving him an edge over other musicians in the field.""

Christopher Amott - Arch Enemy/Armageddon

"It didn't take me more than 30 seconds to understand that Márton was a smart, hard working, fearless, entrepreneurial man... who happens to be very good at the drums."

J.P. Bouvet – The Common Thread clinic tour

“Marton is an astounding musician with a pure intent to study and contribute to his craft.”

Billy Rymer – The Dillinger Escape Plan