Nathan GreeneLittle Comets

I’ve been playing drums since I was 3 years old, when my parents bought me a toy Argos drum kit (which I broke within months). Before that I would use pots and pans as drums and anything that was straight and didn't bend as sticks. 

As I grew up in church, I would watch and learn from all the different musicians that came to play. And this inspired me to want to play professionally. 

In my first year of University on a Music Performance Degree course, I got a call to work with a band called Little Comets who I am still currently working for. Little Comets have recently realised their fourth album (Worhead, on the 10th March 2017). Whilst being with Little Comets I have done numerous tours and festivals such as, Isle Of Wight, Y-Not, Reading and Leeds, and Secret Garden Party just to name a few. 

Having sat behind and played a number of kits, when I played Natal I was amazed at the sound and projection of the drums. My touring kit with Little Comets consists of the following: 
Natal Original series – Split Lacquer Blue on Black finish 
22" x 20" Kick 
13" x 11" Rack 
16" x 16" Floor 
13" x 5.5” Snare