Ritch BattersbyThe Wildhearts

Just prior to the 1993 release of the critically acclaimed debut album, 'Earth V's', Ritch Battersby secured the job as drummer for The Wildhearts. An overwhelming reaction to the bands brutally punishing, yet melodic and anthemic live performances quickly led to a schedule of recording and touring which would carve in stone a legacy that most bands could only dream of.

Ritch's insanely super-tight powerhouse drumming, forms the perfect base for the vast back catalogue of songs that Wildheart fans still flock in their droves to see performed live today.

2013 saw the highly anticipated and hugely successful 20th anniversary tour of 'Earth V's The Wildhearts'.
Future Wildheart shows will see Ritch giving his Black Metallic Natal kit the pounding it so deserves.

"When Natal first approached me, I absolutely loved the idea of playing a kit which had been built by a British company, world famous for its years of devotion to great music. After playing the kit for only a few seconds, I knew that Natal and me, were a match made in rock heaven."