Introducing: Cafe Racer

Focused tone with a hint of vintage swagger.

The Café Racer’s four high quality lacquer finishes recall classic speedsters and vintage drums sure to turn the eyes and ears of everyone on the other side of your bass drum. Café Racer’s tulip shell is dry and focused with the perfect amount of warmth and projection for any mic’d or unmic’d performance – gig to gig, stage to studio, or café to café. The shell has a slightly rounded, hand finished 45o bearing edge. And with Tru-Tune tension rods, high mass chrome-plated zinc sun lugs, NRM aluminium ball tom mounting system and ultra sturdy telescopic bass drum spurs, Café Racer’s cool precision puts you in control. Café Racer finishes are: Gold Sparkle w/Black Sparkle Stripe, Red Sparkle w/Silver Sparkle Stripe, Champagne Sparkle and British Racing Green Sparkle, in US Fusion 22 and Traditional Jazz configurations.