Natal agrees sponsorship deal with Newcastle College

The partnership is a collaboration between Natal Drums, The Drum Shop and Newcastle Drum Centre and includes top-line items from Natal Drums including their Arcadia Birch, Arcadia Acrylic and Original Maple. 

The aim is to support the region’s next generation of drummers by equipping students with an extensive range of kit equal to that found in the music industry and used by the likes of James Morrison of The Stereophonics and Newcastle College alumni David ‘Greenie’ Green of VANT.  

The new high spec kits will allow students to experiment and expand their skill set through a range of sounds such as bee-bop, jazz, rock and pop. 

Steve Vine, Sales Manager from Natal’s parent company Marshall Amps said: “We wanted to find a way to inspire the next generation of musicians and foster drumming talent within the region. We already have a long-standing relationship with Newcastle College and we thought what better way to achieve our vision, than by providing music students with industry standard equipment to train on.” 

Arron Walton, Music Programme Leader at Newcastle College said: “The variety of equipment that has been donated will be of immeasurable benefit to our students. They’ll have the opportunity to become familiar with a range of sets, experiment with new and old styles and discover their own, unique sound. 

“It’s really important that students have the opportunity to build up their confidence on a range of sets as it allows them to emerge into the industry as multi-skilled practitioners. This sponsorship is really giving them an edge over their competition and we’re extremely grateful for the kind donation.” 

The project is the latest in a line of exciting collaborative ventures, with Marshall, The Drum Shop and Newcastle Drum Centre, where students are also given the opportunity to take part in industry masterclasses and access world-class facilities. 

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