Natal Custom at London Drum Show 2016

Developed for Danny ‘Dante’ Needham, drummer with legendary metal band Venom, this Natal Custom kit features:

- 2 x 26” x 14”, 12” x 9”, 13” x 10”, 16” x 16”, 18” x 16” configuration

- 4.5mm, 9 ply shells, in Finnish Birch

- Shell Shield Wrap

- Evans 360 heads throughout

- Chrome Fittings

- Triple Flange Hoops

Danny’s Natal Custom kit comes made with a tough, protective finish called Shell Shield - an acrylic thermoplastic drum shell protection system. It’s like a flexible coating that protects the outside surface of a drum shell, making a tough protective external layer, defending the drum shell from water ingress, knocks, scratches and scraps.

Shell Shield is a tough protection material that also has military and firearms applications. It offers drummers a shell finish that not only protects, but also looks unlike any other standard drum finish.

The Natal Custom service allows drummers to choose their shell wood, shell sizes, depths, configuration and finish, all made in the UK by our master drum builders.

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