System Blue and Natal drums announce partnership

2016 delivers to you the System Blue / Natal lines of both professional and traditional marching percussion. The ultra-lightweight Tenor, Snare and Bass professional drums are just the beginning in this new and exciting offering.

Marshall Brand Director Craig Glover says: "This is the realization of our combined teams in the US and UK, to provide a superior product that sounds amazing and is ultra-lightweight, allowing the drummer to go the distance by reducing fatigue. Jim Marshall's life passion was drums.  He would be proud of this product line and the partnership with System Blue”. Backed by over 100 years of experience and knowledge, System Blue and Natal proudly delivers the products we’ve only dared to dream of.  Our team of designers have walked the very path you walk now. We are the same dedicated performers and educators that you are, and we have dreams too. You are not alone, and you never were. We have stood in your shoes and marched the same fields. We know you. We ARE you. System Blue Natal empowers us all to reach our greatest potential.

“Given the playing, performing, and body movement demands of of the indoor marching world, we could not be more excited about the new System Blue/Natal Professional series of carbon fiber drums.” Says Sean Vega, Percussion Caption Head and Designer of RCC Indoor Percussion.  “We have been waiting for a long time for drums like these to show up in the marketplace. The 30% reduction in weight alone will open up amazing new possibilities in show design. The drums have a remarkable sound both in the indoor and outdoor marching world.   As the marching activities evolve, we too will evolve with products that are safe and provide the right sound for all performance stages.”

We designed Natal System Blue’s cutting-edge, innovative products specifically for the world of pageantry. Designed, tested and approved by the marching art’s elite. Our products elevate our ability and afford us superior sound and performance. All this while assuring our comfort and safety.

We design for your needs, because they are our needs: light weight, balance, reliability, and durability at a price that won’t break the bank. Join us for a sneak peak January 21-24 at booth 2520.

Natal System Blue percussion is distributed through BAC Musical Instruments, Kansas City, MO.