Accessories: Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Stand

Natal Pro Series hardware is engineered for strength and functionality, so you can be confident that your drums and cymbals will be held securely in their optimum playing position.

High quality materials have been used throughout and every component is subject to strict quality control. Each item has been designed with the player in mind.

The Natal Double Tom Stand is designed for stability. The double braced legs have a wide span making the stand extremely stable.

A stop lock memorises the open scale of the legs for fast setup. The stand height memory lock is designed to fit into the tube collar to prevent sideways movement further increasing stability. The mounting rods are ridged to prevent slipping and are ball jointed using Natal’s Aluminium Ball Technology.

The aluminium ball joint provides greater hold and durability than the more commonly used resin ball mount. The ball joint can be moved through 360 degrees so you can locate your toms (or add-on snare drum) in their optimum playing position.

Another great feature is the ability to mount a mini boom on the double tom mount. This works like a cymbal stand —the mini boom post slots into the tom mount and is secured by drum key.