Accessories: Single Tom Mount

Single Tom Mount

Natal Accessories allow you to really personalise your playing setup.

You can add extra hi-hats, cymbals, toms, and percussion items quickly and easily, and because all Natal Accessories are designed and built to the same high specifications as all Natal hardware you can be sure they will perform.

Ultra heavy duty and extremely durable, the Single Tom mount is the ultimate way to position your toms.
Incorporating Natal’s revolutionary non-slip aluminium ball technology, toms can be positioned accurately at just about any angle.

The aluminium ball is more durable then the resin ball more commonly used. This unique non-slip design not only allows you to position your toms just where you want them, but will also give you the peace of mind that comes with greater hold and stability.

The Single Tom mount is designed to fit seamlessly to your Natal Toms via the Natal Resonance Mount (NRM).


-    Natal’s non-slip aluminium ball technology
-    Any angle allowed
-    Adjusted easily from top
-    Ultra heavy duty and durable
-    Tom Memory Lock
-    Natal branded