Pro Series: Boom Stand 2 Tier

Natal Pro Series hardware is engineered for strength and functionality, so you can be confident that your drums and cymbals will be held securely in their optimum playing position.

High quality materials have been used throughout and every component is subject to strict quality control. Each item has been designed with the player in mind.

The Natal Pro Series Cymbal Stand is robust, durable and versatile.

Double-braced legs provide great stability whether set wide, or with a smaller foot print, and have a stop lock that memorises the open scale of the legs for fast setup. The Natal Pro Cymbal Stand features a disappearing boom; this means that the boom arm can slide into the upper tube to create a straight stand which is useful in limited performance space.

The Freestyle Tilting Mechanism moves through 360 degrees and is toothless so you can position your cymbals exactly where you want them. The stand height memory lock is designed to fit into the tube collar to prevent sideways movement increasing stability.


-    2 piece adjustability
-    Toothless tilter mechanism for any angle
-    Non-Slip Natal rubber feet
-    Natal Memory locks
-    Disappearing boom