Pro Series: Double Pedal

Double Pedal

Natal Pro Series hardware is engineered for strength and functionality, so you can be confident that your drums and cymbals will be held securely in their optimum playing position.

High quality materials have been used throughout and every component is subject to strict quality control. Each item has been designed with the player in mind.

The Pro Series Double pedal is designed with the same focus on strength, durability and streamlined operation as the Pro Single Pedal and is available with fast or smooth cam, and in both right and left footed options.

The Pro Double Pedal has a lightweight aluminium driveshaft which is super responsive. The driveshaft has been designed to be fixed with one bolt, rather than the more usual two, which allows for faster setup and breakdown.

The Pro Double Pedal has the same great features as the Pro Single Pedal: adjustable beater angle, unique six bearing stainless steel drive co-shaft, double chain for extra stability, the Natal Floating Spring System, self levelling hoop clamp, super strong and high grip foot plates made from reinforced aluminium and non-slip base plate.


-    Ultra Strong, Durable and streamlined
-    Ultra Fast or Ultra Smooth Cam Options
-    Non Slip Natal footplate
-    Self Levelling hoop clamp
-    Fully adjustable
-    Includes Drum Key