Pro Series: Snare Stand

Natal Pro Series hardware is engineered for strength and functionality, so you can be confident that your drums and cymbals will be held securely in their optimum playing position.

High quality materials have been used throughout and every component is subject to strict quality control. Each item has been designed with the player in mind.

The Pro Series Snare Stand is ultra heavy duty (5.5kg) for superior strength and durability.

The sturdy cradle has high grade rubber grip points which are tapered for minimum contact with the drum shell allowing your snare to resonate more freely. The extendable cradle is mounted on a ball joint, which moves through 360 degrees, so you can locate your snare drum in any playing position. It then locks tight in an instant with a high tension lever.

The large aluminium grip nut allows the cradle to be easily and quickly adjusted for quick snare drum changeover and faster setup and breakdown.


1.    Ball clamp for infinite position
2.    Ultra Stability
3.    Non-Slip Natal rubber feet
4.    Quick release mechanism