Congas & Bongos: Fuego Bongos

Fuego Bongos

Natal Percussion is world renowned, a reputation built over nearly half a century of revolutionary design and excellent build quality.

Whether you are a professional musician, or in it just for fun, there will be something in the Natal Percussion range for you, from hand percussion and cajons to the popular Fuego Series; from the ash wood Fusion Series to the authentic and legendary Classic Series’. All Natal percussion instruments are designed and built to the highest standard of quality, whether in England or Thailand, so you can rely on an instrument that looks and sounds great.

Fuego Series

The Fuego Series is specifically designed for those venturing into the world of Afro-Cuban percussion.
Featuring Congas, Bongos & Conguitas the Fuego range embodies the exact same build quality, depth of finish and attention to detail that is present throughout all Natal percussion ranges.

The traditionally hand crafted Siam Oak shells and natural hide heads produce a warm, rounded and full bodied tone, while the chrome-plated ‘Comfort Hoop’ rims and hardware provide superior strength and elegant styling, together with improved playing technique due to this innovative design.


1.    Siam Oak
2.    6" & 7" diameter
3.    Natural hide heads
4.    Chrome plated ‘Comfort Hoop’ rims and hardware