Originals: Ash

The Natal Originals Series snares are the perfect balance of tone, playability and performance. Combined with a series of knockout finishes, they look just as good as they sound.

Natal Originals Series snare drums are available in the same material options as Natal Originals Series kits: Bubinga, American Walnut, Maple, Birch and Ash, and come in a variety of different high gloss lacquers, striking sparkles and quality wraps.

All Originals Series snares are fitted with the same hand polished ‘Sun’ lugs, Tru-Tune tension rods, unique Tri-Throw snare mechanism, 2.3mm triple flange hoops, and the die-cast ‘Sun’ logo badge as all Natal Originals Series kits.

A straight grained wood, Ash is tough yet flexible. Highly responsive, with bags of attack, Ash snares produce punch and projection thanks to the woods natural short resonance and clipped sustain. Ash snare shells are 6 ply and come in a range of fantastic finishes.

Available in:

- 14” x 5.5”
- 14" x 6.5"