Daphne Koskeridou

Daphne's passion and love for music and performing stems from a very young age. Building her drumming career since the age of 10 she has achieved some remarkable milestones. Coming from Greece to study music in England in 2015, she's managedto tour all over the UK and EU with her band CLT DRP as well as session for different artists, both live and in the studio, like Martin Rossiter of GENE, Bella Spinks and Chöppersaurus to name a few. CLT DRP have been turning heads since 2017, the band made a huge impact on the local scene while garnering interest across the rest of the country and further afield. The genre of the band has yet to settle into one category but is commonly described as electro-punk or ravey-rock. With a non apologetic yet playful attitude, the music strives to resonate with a little part of everybody. The band is due to deliver their second album in 2023 and embark on more UK and EU tours.