What configurations do your drum kits come in?

There are different configurations available for each drum kit. To find out which configurations are available for your chosen kit, please visit the specific product page.

Can I customise my kit?

Our kits come in a range of colours and configurations to suit the tastes of different drummers. It currently isn’t possible to request custom colours or configurations.

How do I become a Natal endorser?

Please contact our artist liaison department to discuss the possibility of becoming an endorser.

Where can I buy a Natal drum kit?

You can buy our drum kits from a local retailer. Visit the ‘Find your retailer’ page for details of your nearest Natal retailer.  

I want to sound like my favourite Natal Artist but I'm not sure what kit to purchase.

A drummer’s sound is influenced by a lot of different factors, not just their kit. You can see what kits our drummers use by checking their endorser page. However purchasing their chosen kit won’t make you sound exactly like them. 

What is the warranty on my Natal product?

When you buy a Natal product in the UK it is covered by our UK warranty. Different products are covered from different periods of time and are subject to our terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.

If you purchased your Natal product outside the UK, please contact the store of purchase for more information.

Can I contact Natal directly?

You can send us your questions via email: contact@nataldrums.com